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Wellness Week at Axiem



Achieving a work-life balance can be difficult and when balance is not maintained it can negatively affect both the employee and the company alike. Employee engagement programs and activities have been proven to help manage work-life balance issues in the workplace. Axiem values each and every employee and is a huge advocate for work-life balance, and as such, hosted the first Axiem Wellness Week in August at our offices located at Summit One Tower, 530 Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong.

Axiem's industry partners supported company efforts to provide essential health programs to employees which are specifically designed to address daily life challenges. Wellness Week commenced with a Beauty and Wellness day with beauty consultants from Mary Kay who provided consultations and tips for effective beauty routines. Anna Guerrero, a Senior Beauty Consultant at Mary Kay, provided a pampering session which began with hand softening using an exfoliating scrub followed by a moisturizing hand softener. Employees learnt that care should be taken to ensure that hands are clean before applying beauty products to the face. The beauty consultants discussed skin types, products and essential elements of the beauty routine such as cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturizing and protection using Mary Kay cosmetics. To their delight, Axiem ladies were also offered a free makeup session.

A Personality Development Seminar was also conducted on Monday that focused on the essential components required of a professional person, such as etiquette. The first day of the Wellness Week was a huge success and the best way to end a Monday.

After a day of pampering, the Financial Management Seminar took place hosted by Carlo Pascual in collaboration with Insular Life. Carlo provided valuable insights on budgeting and pointed out that the golden rule is to PAY YOURSELF FIRST. The importance of financial self-discipline was discussed, and professional advice was offered. The talk was a big contribution to every Axiem employee who attended and served to remind each person that most people do not plan to fail, but fail to plan.

Wellness Week continued as the Engagement Team delivered a Hypertension Seminar in coordination with Maxicare hosted by Dr. Oliver Joseph Ole. Dr.Oliver discussed the definition of hypertension, types of hypertension, prevention, how to reduce the occurrence and the long-term consequences of hypertension. After the session, everyone had the chance to ask the doctor a few questions and were advised on things to avoid for a healthy lifestyle.

The fitness program was a fitting end to the first Axiem Wellness week. After learning about hypertension, it seemed appropriate that Wellness Week rounded off with an energizing Zumba session with Michelle Lee, an instructor from Maxicare. Zumba is an interactive and rejuvenating activity, a little faster than hip-hop abs and less intense than high-intensity training. The high energy dancing provides great cardio exercise and a quick cool down prevents sore muscles.

At the end of the week, free massage sessions provided relief after the previous days Zumba classes. Massages were performed by a community of masseurs, and all employees had a relaxing Friday. Security Bank offered free financial advice, and Mary Kay consultants provided a final round of beauty tips.

It was a week jam-packed with activities and opportunities for personal growth. Employees learned a lot of handy tips to help improve different aspects of their lives. We would like to thank everyone who actively joined us in our activities and for the teams who made it possible. We look forward to future employee engagement activities that everyone can enjoy.

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